Ping HostMonitor - Edit Host

The Host Edit screen allows you to view and change the monitor parameters of the hosts.

  • Display Name is a unique name you choose to present the host with. It doesn’t has to be the actual hostname.
  • The Sound Icon is used to set a custom notification signal for this host.
  • Hostname is either a fully qualified hostname or an IP address. This is the address used to contact the machine. If a DNS name resolves to multiple addresses, all interfaces must be reachable. If this isn’t desired use its IP address instead. E.g. if a DNS names resolves both to an IPv4 and IPv6 address, you may want to define two separate hosts for this, and only monitor the IPv6 interface via IPv6 capable networks, since many Mobile Provides doesn’t support this yet.
  • Test sequence is an ordered list of test performed on this host. Add, subtract or reorder tests by clicking the plus sign. Each test is run in order and the test sequence will stop at first failure, alerting you about the failed test. Keep the sequence in a sound order, with ping before http etc.
  • Reachable via tells HostMonitor what networks and VPNs that can be used to monitor the host. E.g. you can monitor hosts at your internal network when connected to it, and HostMonitor will not register a fail to reach when leaving it. If reachable via VPN, you must specify the VPN gateway IP address here. The gateway address will be listed once the VPN is active. Add or remove net by selecting the plus sign icon.

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