Ping HostMonitor - Host Information

The information screen is reached by tapping on a host in the main screen. Here you’ll get more detailed information about the machine monitored.

Here you can also enter the Edit Screen via the Menu button to see and edit the configuration.

  • Addresses are the official name and addressed of the host. This do not need to be the same you specified in the “Hostname or address” in the configuration. All addresses are listed and all need to be responding.
  • Status shows the current status of entire test sequence. To grant status “Up”, all tests in the test sequence need to be successful.
  • Last failed test displays last failed test, even if this test now is up (see status above).
  • Last tested is the time for the last test.
  • Last seen up is the time the entire test sequence passed. If the status is “Up”, this time is the same as “Last tested”.
  • Last up transition is when the last failed test no longer was failing.
  • Last down transition is when the last failed test begun failing.
  • Response time for the last poll last test for this host.

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