Ping HostMonitor - Main Screen

The main screen shows you the status of your hosts and links monitored in the network.

The color of the hostname indicates Last Known Status. This status may be obsolete if the host currently isn’t monitored due to not reachable via your current network.

  • Green when the host is up.
  • Red indicates that the host is down.
  • White if no last known status (e.g. new machine).

The icons at the right side shows the Current Status and are updated in real time (i.e. each time you open the app or a background poll occurs).

A green dot indicated the host is currently reachable.

A red cross is shown if the machine is currently not responding.

An yellow clock is displayed when the host is currently tested.

A question mark if the host is currently not monitored due to you not connected to a network the host is reachable via.

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