Ping HostMonitor - Settings

There are a some configurable parameters you might want to change.

  • Poll interval for how often you want HostMonitor to test the systems. If not set to “manually”, HostMonitor will start when you turn on your Android device and poll the systems in background. Whenever a system goes down a notification will pop up. A poll will also be performed each time you bring up the main screen.
  • Test time is a timeout parameter during testing. If you get false negatives, i.e. incorrect notifications about system going down, you’ll need to increase this. Even if four seconds sounds terrible long talking ping times, when a Mobile data connection is idle, it can take several seconds to bring it active. Less the 8 seconds is not recommended.
  • Edit tests allows you to customize your own test methods.
  • Vibrate notifications enables vibrating notifications.
  • Hosts sort order by and Reverse sort order controls the order the host will appear in the list. Default the host with the last transit change at the top of the list.
  • Backup and Restore exports/imports the host and test definitions to the SD card directory /Android/data/

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