Ping HostMonitor - Test editor

You can customize your own tests if you have some networking skills and basic knowledge of protocols. This way you can not only verify the host is up but also verify the services, e.g. Apache, are up and running as well.

  • Test name is what you are referring this test to as at the Host Edit screen.
  • Port is the TCP or UDP port number.
  • Protocol can ether be TCP or UDP.
  • Required answer is what the host is required to respond with for HostMonitor to consider the test successful.
    • Any reply and anything originating from the host is considered a confirmation of the hosts existences. This is good for Ping like functionality. Keep in mind that firewalls may reply proxy with RST for closed ports.
    • Positive reply needs the service to be up and running to pass.
    • As defined below requires the dialog defined below to be satisfied.

You can rewrite the “http” test to fetch a file from your web server and this way verify the entire chain to the back-end database server.

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