Ping HostMonitor - Widget

The top row of the widget shows the current connected network, here the WiFi network with SSID “Ping”.

The second line shows current status:

  • “All 5 up at 11:27 AM” tells you that all Monitored machines via the current network are up.
  • “1 down at 11:27 AM” tells you that one machine monitored via the current network is down.

Note that “is down” is not as serious condition as “went down”. Only a down transition will bring up a notification, and will also be displayed in the widget:

  • “Web server failed http shows the last host down and why.

During the background tests the widget will show the status of the currently tested machine in the same manner as in the main screen, but one host at a time.

All times shown in the widget are times for the last check. For times of last down transition see either the notification or host information screen.

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