Tête-à-tête - Technical

A brief technical description of Tête-à-tête. Nothing you need to know using the messenger, but might be of interest for the curious.


  • MIME message encapsulation.
  • SMTP Simple Mail Transport Protocol (send).
  • IMAPv4 Internet Message Access Protocol (receive).
  • IMAP IDLE message push.
  • SSL Secure Socket Layer link level protection (send+receive).
  • PKCS#7 Cryptographic Message Syntax Standard for message protection (sign+encrypt).
  • PKCS#12 Personal Information Exchange Syntax Standard for key storage.
  • X.509 Certificates.
  • SHA-512 with RSA-2048 for message signing.
  • AES-256 for message encryption.
  • Bouncy Castle cryptographic libraries.

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